System Requirements


Windows 7 to 10 (32-bit), Vista, Windows XP, 2000, NT4 and 95+

It can also run on 64-bit Windows 7 to 10 although it's a 32-bit

program. 64-bit Windows 7 to 10 comes with the WOW64 emulator and

this can be used to run Five Finger Typist. How to do this is

explained below.


Mac OS 10.3 and later (including the latest Mac OS El Capitan 10.11)

running on both Intel and PowerPC processors.

Upgrading of Five Finger Typist to Version 2.2 for Macintosh hasn't

been completed. Version 1.71 for Macintosh doesn't include the

features under the "Customise" menu item in the Windows version.


Do not try to run the installation program "SetupFFT.EXE" that is on

the Five Finger Typist CD. This is a 32-bit program and won't run on

64-bit Windows 7 to 10. The following steps are the way to get Five

Finger Typist running on 64-bit Windows 7 to 10:

i) Insert the CD in the CD drive. Double click on the desktop icon

with the name "Computer". You will see the computer's hard

disk (C drive), the CD drive and other components of your computer.

ii) Double click on the CD drive and you will see the contents of

the Five Finger Typist CD. You will see a folder named "Run from CD".

Double click on this folder and you will see the Five Finger Typist

program "FFTYPE.EXE".

iii) Double click on the desktop icon "Computer" again. This time

double click on the C drive to see its contents. You will see a

folder "Program Files (x86)". This is the folder where all 32 bit

programs are stored and run from. Double click on

"Program Files (x86)". Create a new folder, called SoftDawn, in

Program Files (x86) by selecting the "Create new folder" menu item.

Then click on the name and type "SoftDawn" (without the quotes).

iv) Rearrange the positions of the C drive window and the

Five Finger Typist CD window so you can drag the FFTYPE.EXE program

into the new SoftDawn folder. Click on FFTYPE.EXE and put it in

the SoftDawn folder.

v) Double click on the SoftDawn folder to open it. Double click on

FFTYPE.EXE and the program will run. You can then follow the prompts

in the main window or refer to the User Manual. Happy keyboarding!

vi) As explained in the User Manual you can save the lesson number

and other program settings to a progress document which you save in

the SoftDawn folder. You can then start Five Finger Typist from this

progress document and the program will open at the same lesson and

with your previously chosen settings. You can create a shortcut

(a desktop icon) to this progress document (and/or the Five Finger

Typist program) and start each session from the shortcut.